Important - please read following paragraph !

To make your vacation comfortable and to have an enjoyable sailing experience we very strongly recommend arranging your charter one way - traveling from North to South - during the months of November through May. During these months the prevailing winds are ENE and traveling from South to North is a hard upwind sail and often not a very comfortable one. For example starting your charter in St. Vincent and finishing it in Union is a great choice (the cost of flight from Union to St. Vincent is about US$50.00 and worth every penny). For those who wish to sail more finishing your charter in Grenada is also a good choice.

In summer months - June through October - the winds are more variable and the sail can be quite comfortable in either direction.
What to expect

The entire trip is planned around your preferences and wishes . That goes for sailing , activities and most certainly your meals. Most of the days we change our location twice a day. The first sail is after breakfast to a day anchorage where we'll have lunch and some water time before sailing to an overnight anchorage. In the Grenadines the longest sail is less then 3 hrs and some could be as short as 1/2 hr  (but we can always make it longer if you wish us to do so). If you choose St. Lucia as your starting point the first day is a long 6 to 8 hr sail down to Bequia with lunch being served underway. If your final destination is in Grenada the longest sail is about 4 1/2 hrs from Isle de Rhonde to Grenada.

When it comes to wardrobe all you will be needing are shorts, T shirts , bathing suites and flip flops. The weather is nice and warm all year round down here.

Sample Itinerary

As mentioned above the entire trip is planned around your wishes and of course the weather. What follows are just a few examples of a 7 day charter originating and finishing in different locations.

St. Vincent to Union Island (or Canouan)

Day 1   -  We can arrange for your pick up at the airport and our driver Jimmy Tango will take you to the Young Island cut to join       
                 Genesis.  After you settle in and get your introduction to the boat we will serve you a tasty, tropical lunch. After lunch
                 we will sail to Bequia (1hr) where we spend our first night.
                 *Many guests arrive a day in advance of the charter and spend their first night in one of the hotels.
                 Should you consider this option here is some help >>>

Day 2  -   After breakfast we sail around the westernmost point of Bequia for a short upwind sail in protected waters to Petit
                 Nevis (1 1/2 hr).  This old whaling station will be our lunch stop . In the afternoon we sail to the overnight anchorage  of 
                 Mustique (1 hr) - the island of the rich and famous. Here you can take a tour of the Island , go Horseback Riding, rent a
                 mule (golf cart) and visit  famous "Basil's Bar". ****NOTICE : there is a $75 charge paid to the Mustique Company if you
                  choose this option.  

Day 3 -   Morning sail (2 1/2 hrs) from Mustique to Canouan for a lunch stop and 1/2 hr sail from Canouan to Tobago Cays Marine
                Park  in the afternoon for our overnight stop.

Day 4 -   Tobago Cays Marine Park is one of the biggest attractions in the area. We usually spend the entire day here. There are
                not many places like this left in the Caribbean. It is almost guaranteed that you will swim with green turtles. The reefs are
                spectacular and the beaches pristine.

Day 5 -   After breakfast we sail south (1 hr) to Petit St. Vincent - a private resort - for our lunch . After which we will sail back up
                north (1 1/2 hrs) to Mayreau's Saltwhistle bay.  With it's moon shaped beach and calm, clear waters it is one of the most
                beautiful anchorages in the Caribbean.  A walk to the top of Mayreau is a must. The view of Tobago Cays from behind the
                historical catholic church is breathtaking. If you don't feel  like walking we can arrange a ride.

Day 6 -   In the morning we sail (1 hr)around  Horseshoe Reef stopping for lunch at Petit Tabac,  famous for the filming of
                Pirates of The Caribbean. After  lunch we sail downwind to Chattham Bay on Union Island. Here you can enjoy a rum
                punch at one of the many beach bars or even have a Beach BarBQ offered by the local fisherman. If you're lucky Lobsters
                will be in season.

Day 7 -   From Chatham Bay we sail to Mopion (1/2 hr) -  it is one of the smallest Islands in the Grenadines - very unique. After
                lunch we head up to Clifton Harbor (1/2hr) where you can visit Happy Island and have a drink on the island built out of
                conch shells.

Day 8 -   Relax and pack after breakfast or sail to Canouan (1 1/2) hr - depending on your travel arrangements .

St. Lucia to Union Island (or Canouan)

Day 1 -   Pick up in  town Soufrierre at the town dock (approx. 40 min Taxi ride from Airport). After settling in we will relocate to
                anchorage between the famous Pitons , where we going to spent your first night.

Day 2 -   Early start and breakfast after which we sail (6 -8 hrs) to Bequia - first of the Grenadines islands. First part of the crossing
                is open water sailing (3hrs) until we reach the lea of St. Vincent. The lunch will be served underway.

Day 3 - 8   The itinerary for the rest of your Vacation is very similar to the one posted above with exception of not visiting one or
                two day anchorages mentioned above.

St. Vincent to Grenada

Day 1 - 5  The itinerary for the beginning of your vacation would be very similar to the first one posted above. You will see and visit
               all of the best spots in the Grenadines.

Day 6  -  Morning sail (1hr) from Union Island to Carriacou to "check in" into the Grenada.  After lunch we sail
                (1 1/2hr) to  White Island- one of  Grenada's Grenadines.

Day 7  - After breakfast we sail (2hrs) to Isle de Ronde and after lunch we sail down south to St. Georges -the capitol of Grenada.
               Most of this sail (4hrs) is in calm waters in the lea of the mainland with every changing scenery for you to enjoy .

Day 8 -  Departure

St. Lucia to Grenada

             By now you probably figured out how it works. In this scenario just combine the last two itineraries  and squeeze them into 7
             days. This trip offers a LOT of sailing - if that is what you love - bring it on!

Grenada - Grenada

             This trip should be only considered during summer months June through October unless you are a hardcore sailor !!

             The itinerary for this trip takes you up the leeward coast stopping at a few of the beautiful anchorages of Grenada's
             Grenadines ( Isle de Ronde, White Island, Frigit Island and Carriacou ) and then we cross over to St.Vincent's Grenadines to
             visit the Tobago Cays, Mayreau , Mopion  and Union Island. Depending on the weather and your travel arrangements the
             return sail could be taken either on windward coast or leeward coast of the Grenada. Your final destination will be the
             anchorage in  historical St. Georges - one of the prettiest towns in the Caribbean. During your vacation you will experience
             all of the points of sail and the distance traveled will be slightly more then going from St. Vincent to Grenada.

             Grenada is an absolutely beautiful island. You've traveled a long way to get here so we strongly suggest that you stay at
             least one more day in one of the many hotels or resorts to explore Grenada by land. A local Tour Guide can take you around
             this lush, lovely island sharing with you their knowledge of the island's  flora and fauna, their history and their culture. The
             people here are as welcoming and as warm as the Caribbean sun. We will be more then happy to help you with the
             arrangements. For accommodations you can check following link : 
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