Leave your business suit behind. Trade in those stiletto heels for a pair of flip flops. It’s time to kick back and relax . Leave your worries in our wake as GENESIS sails you comfortably through the Caribbean seas.

Let us help you create your own dream vacation.
We look forward to seeing you soon .......
............ and don't forget your flip flops.

Luxury yacht charters FOR TWO (and ONLY TWO !)
    On 47’ sailing catamaran In The Windward Islands
Are you and your loved one looking for that dream vacation
of a lifetime ?      ….…………….                Look no more !!!

      Are you searching for that perfect way to celebrate your anniversary, birthday
      or a honeymoon in a tranquil and exotic place ?     ….....     Search no more !!!

                   Are you in need of escape from everyday hustle and bustle, ready to treat yourself
                   to ultimate getaway in the tropical paradise ?    …    You found the right place !!!
Welcome aboard GENESIS - the one and the only sailing catamaran in the whole Caribbean that offers luxury, all inclusive sailing vacation for a couple. Yes, that is right. One couple is all we take. The only way we do it. Sure you have searched through dozens of other similar sized charter catamarans in the Caribbean , some of them taking up to 8 guests at a time. Not so on GENESIS. We are not after the quantity, the quality is what’s on our mind.

  GENESIS is designed as “owner’s” version catamaran. As a result the entire starboard hull will become your home away from home. With king sized air conditioned bedroom, enormous bathroom, lots of cabinet storage (so you do not have to live out of your bags)  you will enjoy the comfort and privacy you could otherwise find only on much larger yachts.

   The cruising area we have chosen for GENESIS in 2021/22 season is St. Vincent and The Grenadines. As we watch many countries closing their borders due to the COVID 19 pandemic (not just in the Caribbean but worldwide) St. Vincent and The Grenadines offers quite reasonable entry protocol. You are still required to take PCR test prior to the flight and upon arrival but you can await your test results (quarantine) on Genesis while awaiting test results (24 to 48 hrs). Spending this time in approved hotel is also an option.  The area offers some of the best sailing  miles of pristine beaches and many (more precisely 32) small islands and islets just waiting for you to jump in and explore their reefs.

   Your whole vacation is customized to satisfy your every wish, whim and taste. Our goal is to pamper you and spoil you rotten, so you will come back for more.  Speaking of the tastes - get ready for the feast not just for your stomach, but just as equally for your eyes. All meals are prepared from the freshest available ingredients.